Thoughts on Joshua 1


So the other night me and Jordan were hanging out in the living room and I decided to start looking at different seminaries and begin the process of deciding where I would next attend school.

I was scanning the various websites and program tracks, and started to calculate budgets. My heart began to sink as I added up how much schooling was going to cost me. I’m actually in a pretty financially stable place for the first time in my life, and throwing that into jeopardy with more student loan debt isn’t exactly something I’m looking forward to.

Adding onto that sinking feeling is the fact that I’ll probably be forced to do a large part of my degree online since I work full time right now teaching the 4th grade. This is a position I really love, and it is a great ministry opportunity for me since I’m blessed enough to work at a school that allows me to talk to about Christ and encourages me to. It really isn’t something I want to give up, nor do I feel like God is calling me to. However, balancing my role as teacher with my new role as seminary student is something that I feel anxiety about for sure.

So it was with a heavy heart that I went to bed that night. I wouldn’t say I’d given up hope by any means, but I was certainly disheartened.

Then the day rose anew, and God gave me just the right passage to keep me going. I began reading Joshua and the first chapter really gave me the strength I needed to get up and going.

In this first chapter Joshua is being given Moses’s job as leader of the Israelites. He is given this job, and instructed that it is time for the Israelites to finally march into the land God is given them, which is something they royally messed up 40 years prior.

Their is a certain amount of pressure Joshua has to be feeling in this situation. He is taking over for Moses who is this legendary leader who was God’s go to guy for decades. He was the person who brought down the Ten Commandments, and was there when God parted the Red Sea, and was the guy who stood up to Pharaoh and told him where to stick it. Now Joshua is going to take his place. He kind of has some huge shoes to fill.

Yet God himself is the one who is installing Joshua in this position. He comes to Joshua and tells him three times in one short passage to be strong and courageous.

       Joshua 1:9

     “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

        This is amazing to me because it is so affirming for Joshua. What could make you more confident that you are doing the right thing than God himself coming to you and telling you to be strong? What’s even more amazing is God’s promise to be with Joshua wherever he goes. God doesn’t just give Joshua a task and send him on his way. God promises to be right there beside Joshua the entire time.

I think we forget sometimes who is really fighting our battles for us. God is powerful and mighty and He can handle student loans, schedules, and job opportunities. He is constantly sustaining the entire universe, and is more than able to accomplish great things through us if we have faith.

Joshua doesn’t waste anytime. In the very next verse he is talking to his officers and rallying the people. I want to be like Joshua. I want to immediately get to work, and leave my fears behind me. God has given me a task, and I want to do my part to fulfill it.

We spend so much time being methodical and second guessing the things we believe God has told us to do. When this happens we start to ponder if God is even talking to us. Then we just try to forget the whole thing and move on with our lives.

I’m not saying that spending time in thought is wrong, but we can’t second guess forever and live in fear. God calls us to act. He calls us to experience Him, and we do that when we get out there and actually do something.

So that is my resolve. I’m going to try to be like Joshua. I’m going to listen to God, and follow through and let him take care of the battle. I know He is more than capable.



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