Journeying Through John Chapter 2


I need to be upfront about something. Writing about the Bible is intimidating to me. While this blog is primarily for me to deconstruct my thoughts, I can’t ignore that I’m making it public for people. Sure I could just make it private, but then I would be robbing myself of the opportunity to hear other people’s opinions. I desire to have conversation about scripture. The problem is I don’t always know what the best way to write about the Bible is. Especially when it is stories from the Bible that people have heard a million times. I’m afraid I’m just being redundant and not adding anything, but maybe someone will read it who isn’t familiar. So with that little blurb said I guess I’ll go ahead and dive in. Sorry if this is just a recap.

Okay so there are two stories in John chapter two. The first one takes place at a wedding Jesus is attending. His mom is there, and she tells him that they have ran out of wine. Jesus proceeds to tell her that it isn’t any business of his, and that his hour has not yet come.

At first when I read what Jesus says I was kind of shocked. That is not the way good Christian kids are taught to talk to their mothers. He even calls her “woman”. I looked into it though and it seems that the term “woman” wasn’t meant disrespectfully back then. It also kind of reads like Jesus is trying to tell his mom to cool it and not blow is cover about being the Messiah. “Why do you involve me?” he asks. Um duh. Cause you’re the Savior! You can do anything!

Then Jesus has some servants bring him six jars of water and he turns them into wine, and they distribute it to the party guests. It then says that this was the first of the signs that revealed his glory. I’ve always found that interesting. I’ve always wondered why this particular miracle was the first one Jesus performed to show how glorious he is. He was giving people more wine. It isn’t something I fully understand, but that is okay with me.

The next story involves Jesus arriving at Jerusalem and finding that a market had been set up inside of the temple courts. Jesus is like “Oh no you didn’t” and makes a whip and clears the place out. People want to know what gives them the authority to so. He responds:

“Destroy this temple, and I will raise it again in three days” John 2: 19

So it is clear here that Jesus is actually talking about himself as the temple. He will be destroyed by us, and in three days he will rise from the dead. I wonder what Jesus thought while foreshadowing his own death.

I also like this story for something that I got out of it. Jesus is clearing out all the garbage we bring to church that has nothing to do with him. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the goings on in the church that we lose sight of the real meaning we gather.

Or at least that’s what I got.


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