Going Through John Chapter 1


Wow. John just comes out swinging. I think John has to be my favorite opening chapter of any of the Gospels. So much happens in just the very first chapter. 

First we see John giving an excellent prologue describing who Jesus Christ is. John calls Jesus the “Word”, and my study Bible points out that this is a good term to call him because Jesus “was what God had to say”. I honestly had been confused about why Jesus was called the “Word”, but now it makes perfect sense.  John says that Jesus is light in the darkness. He is the one who redeems us. 

Moving on we get a few paragraphs saying who John was. What a servant John was! He exsisted to point the way to Jesus, and he does this job so loyaly and is always telling people about the man who was coming who could truly babtize us. 

Then Jesus shows up and is babtized and the Holy Spirit descends apon him. Can you imagine being John? He has just gotten to babtize the savior he was told to tell people about! That’s like meeting your hero and him asking you to do something incredible for him. Then he gets to see the Spirit come down. It must have been so amazing for John to witness. 

After this John writes about Jesus calling the disciples. My Bible actually has a little passage devoted to Andrew. It’s cool that even though he is kind of low-key in the Bible, he showed how important it is to introduce people to Jesus when he introcuded Simon Peter to Christ. 

I think my favorite part of this chapter though is when Jesus is talking to Nethanael. Nethanael belives Jesus is the Son of God because Jesus tells him he saw him under a fig tree before Phillip came for him. Jesus tells him he hasnt seen anything yet. 

“He then added “Very truly I tell you, you will see heaven open, and angels of God ascending and descending on the Son of Man..”

John 1:51

I can’t imagine Jesus telling me I will see that happen, but it’s really cool to know that one day I will see amazing things like that happen, and also to know that amazing works of God are happening all around me everyday. 


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