Mid-April Update


Greetings friends, family, and random reader who got here by accident. I hope all has been well with all of you. My last post was published about two weeks ago, however I had written it back in early February. That being the case I figured it would be a good time to make a small post to say what has been happening with me.

Big picture wise not much has changed. I’m still attending UWF. My finals for the Spring semester are approaching, and as I look back on these last few months I’m pleased. I feel like I’ve done a good job in my classes, and I’ve really taken an interest in the subjects and learned quite a bit. This is good considering that I haven’t felt this way about school since I graduated from PSC with my A.A. This semester I got to learn some valuable skills graphic design programs, and really got hooked on journalism. It takes a great teacher to get students hooked on subject they wouldn’t have taken by choice. When I signed up for my Newspaper Reporting class I’ll admit I was less than enthused. I was majoring in advertising and I really didn’t understand how journalism had anything to do with that. It seemed like a silly required class to be honest. As the semester went on, however, I began to really love the class and it slowly became my favorite. I developed a love for trying to fit the most information as possible into a 35 words opening graph. As I learned about hard news, summary leads, nut graphs, and feature stories I got better at it and even got some recognition from my instructor and peers. I realized this was the first time I enjoyed doing something in a college class that wasn’t acting. Which brought me to a new revlation.

I’ve decided to go into journalism. I’ve always been a fan of online news blogs, particularly ones with a focus on movies. As I was listening to my favorite movie related podcast one day I thought to myself “I would love it if I could do that for a living.” This just happened to come at the same time as the journalism class. I realized there was no good reason that I couldn’t do that for a living. So that is what I am going to do. I have no set plans in motion yet, but I hope to have my own movie blog set up in the coming months. Obviously it will be a small operation, but hopefully over time it will build up a sizable readership and I may be able to use that as a launch bad to others jobs. In the meantime I’ve applied for a job with UWF’s newspaper and if that comes through that will be a great start.

Other good things are happening right now. I’m about to enter tech week for two one-acts I’ve been doing at PSC. One of them is being directed by my good friend Garrett Metzler. Both plays have been quite an experience, and who is to say if I’m walking away from either as a better actor, but it is just nice to stay busy. I will be happy when they are over though so that I can have some more down time. Life is funny that way. It feels like there is always to much time with not enough to do, or vice versa.

Relationship wise things are going great. Meeting Maddie was one of the best blessings God has ever given me. It’s been so good to have a significant other who challenges me to step up my game in so many areas of life. She helps me remember my goals, and always encourages me to strive for them. We keep each other accountable spiritually and that has helped so much in my walk.

Finally I want to talk about my walk with Christ. Since the New Year began God has been stirring up within me. I wont lie though, between mid-February to April it waned a little bit. I didn’t miss a church service or anything, but my quiet times became sporadic and, if we are being honest, non-existent. I prayed, however, and asked that God would renew a fire inside of me and he has done so. I feel like right now God’s main desire for me is to learn how to share him fearlessly. Growing up I maybe shared Jesus at the fair with my church a couple of times, but I have never been one to go out and talk to a stranger about Jesus. I feel this changing in me. I have the desire now to help people find their savior. I feel that by doing this I will grow in my own faith. I don’t ever want to be a fence riding Christian. If I’m in I want to be in all the way. I want to be where He is, and I want to keep my focus on Him. So I’ll end this post by saying this: if you have been thinking about God, and maybe you haven’t been where you want to be spiritually lately, all you need to do is pray.

Until the next post, I wish good tidings to you all. God bless.


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