The Best Laid Plans


I’m not a person who writes down events in my life frequently. That being said over the summer of 2013 I did keep a journal. Sort of. There is only about five actual entries in there. Mostly boring stuff, but I did happen to find one entry that made me laugh. Its funny that is was my final entry too. It isnt very long, infact it doesn’t even fill the entire page. I won’t recite all of it here, but basically all I say in it is that I felt lost. I had quit a job that I thought was going to be an excellent opportunity for me only to return to my first job at CFA. I was also gearing up for my first semester at UWF and was very excited about my Lit classes because I thought they would give me some insight into what  I was looking for. The most hillarious thing about it is how wrong I was. Those Lit classes were terrible. I was so bored in all of them and they eventually killed any desire I had to finish my English degree. They ended up stressing me out so much that I felt sick every school day. I eventually switched my major to Communications (conecntration in Advertising) and a minor in Marketing. This semester has been my favorite one in a long time. I love all my classes and I feel so excited about the career path I am choosing. I feel like God is already opening more doors for me with it. There is also the matter of returning to CFA. I’m not going to lie I felt kind of terrible about it. I had made such a big deal about my job at Barnes and Noble and I ended up hating that job so much. Here I was back where I had started with all these new kids who didn’t know who I was and probably thought I was weird. Little did I know that returning there would allow me to develop some a great friendships and allow me to meet Maddie. And as of the past week I have gotten a promotion and am now in a leadership position there. I am hoping that eventually I can move into the marketing aspect of the store and maybe even corporate. A far fetched idea but something worth thinking about. I would have never thought back in August that coming back to the store would do so much good for me. I guess what I am really trying to say is that things seldom pan out the way you think they will. A door might open, but it might not always be the right one. You may think you need to got left and when you do it turns out you needed to go right. God has his own plan and I’ve learned to sit back and trust him on it. If we stop fighting to have things our own way we end up being so much happier down the road. I am thankful God has thought out a plan for me and I can’t wait to see where it takes me next.


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